Spartan Holdings LLC’s credit repair experts have years of experience working with the (3) credit bureaus to establish and improve personal and business credit. They will strategically assess your credit situation and determine the best course of action to remove derogatory credit and raise your credit scores. Our credit experts can remove Collections, Bankruptcies, Charge-offs, Judgments, and inquiries from your personal credit. Our business builder program works with corporate entities to obtain a DUN’S number and a paydex score of 80 or above. Once Paydex score is achieved the next step is to obtain corporate accounts from major retail stores and finally to obtain business credit cards and lines of credit. We are aware of the issues you face when buying or refinancing an investment property, that’s why our focus is to get you lender-ready in a timely and efficient manner. We will not only help you get your personal and business credit scores where you want them we’ll also teach you how to keep them there.